i recently got my first electric guitar so i need one pedal for metal because my amp takes care of a lot of other effects but the problem is i have a tight budget
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shouldnt he first work on scales, and work on playing music right before he starts investing into the big stuff?
Get a Metal Muff . You won't be disappointed, its better than the more popular Boss pedals.
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EH Metal Muff
Boss Metalzone (i use)
best two i can think of at a cheap price
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Metal muff on budget but still decent. but please dont asume the pedal will make you sound good, youve gotta work at the skills for metal cos its very technical and remember, scoop the mids
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metal zone fails. its all digital. it sounds hollow and tinny.
get a metal muff. thats what the educated people on here will suggest.
people who say they love their metal zone don't know good tone - or just like having bad tone
I tried that metal zone, even the Megadistortion MD2 has a better tone, and the megadistortion isn't a great pedal.