im not sure what to get really the american standard strat or the american deluxe ash strat im not sure what one to get the delux is more money. like the quality diffrence and stuff like that.
I have an american deluxe, but I haven't played the American Standard. You do get a better case, strap locks, locking tuners, noiseless pickups, and a strap. That seemed worth $200 to me. But it does have the best neck i've ever picked up
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The tremolo on the standard is really uncomfortable to me - the screws for saddle adjustment stick out and boy they are pointy. That's not the case with the Deluxe. Also, the Deluxe has better wood than the Standard (or at least that's what Fender says). The pickups are different, too. The Deluxe has noiseless pups. Personally, I love them, but some people just can't get into them and prefer the Standard's pups. You'll need to try them out both to find out which one you like better.