I made a separate thread for this because it's a matter that may need attention for important reasons.

Well, anyway, about a few months ago I started picking over say the 21st/22nd frets when I play lead.

Now I'm wondering if this will hinder my progress for other techniques say like sweep picking and stuff.

I find I'm more co-ordinated between the left hand and the right hand when I do pick over the fretboard.

Also, I think this might because I rest my hand on the guitar or "anchor" which I've heard is bad and I notice it when I try to get across strings (say low E to B).

So yeah, change my technique?
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I did this when I played acoustic, but quickly changed when I got an electric. It may hinder sweeps and stuff because your pick may get caught on a fret or something, I don't know. And if your doing it hard enough, it will scratch up the fretboard.
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sweeping higher up the fretboard is useful if you are sweeping and tapping together

i'd just experiment with where it works and what you can and can't do
he's right, you do usually have an advantage if your sweep tapping.
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If there's anything to take away from this thread, anything at all, it's to always cup the balls.

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God dammit you had me 10/10
it's still improper and will hinder you somewhere along the line.

i would work on a regular technique
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I'd never get into picking in a particular place purely because you find it easy - moving it around for tonal reasons on the other hand, absolutely. but not cos you've got a lazy hand :p

I use to do this...the second I started picking closer to the bridge my picking improved 300%. There's not enough string tension up near the fretboard to be consistent.

It can be useful for some things though, like sweep tapping. And you get a totally different tone, and that's always cool.
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well picking near there helps me hit tapped harmonics without actually tapping the harmonic node, but picking on top of it like i would do a pinch harmonic with my right hand, but 12 frets above the fret of the note i am fretting.


fret the 7th fret on the G string, pick above the 19th fret wire on the string like you would do a pinch harmonic.

its the same note, just a lot higher, gives it a 'soaring' sound
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I haven't found much of a difference in sweeping in either area, although sweeping by the bridge gives you more stability in your hand (I guess?). I really only do it for stuff like Necrophagist, because the notes sweep and go right into tapping and sweep again, which is commonly seen in songs like Stabwound. That way I don't have to move my hand inches to the fretboard in a split second.

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Learn to pick across the entire pickup area.

Different sounds and harmonics everywhere.

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it's not that bad, but i find that it will change your guitar tone, strings sound different when plucked lower, however, **** it, it doesn't matter, if it's comfortable for you you can develope other techniques around it, or other techniques that help you do the things that it hinders... i know a dude who plays behind the bridge pickup consistantly because that's where it's comfortable for him, and sometimes he likes the tone, and the dude is sick!