I'm looking into throwing a couple of HBs in my Strat. I know I need to get a new pickguard for it and probably a new selector switch but aside from that im clueless. Do I just desolder the single coils out and solder the new humbuckers in? I want to try and put in burstbuckers or EMGs in. Help!
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my bro had a strat knockoff so we put my bc rich humbuckers in it and seriously ghettoed the pickguard to do it. we used crappy wire cutters and it turned out ok. we just widened the existing holes and left the middle single coil
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the easiest thing to do(what i did with my strat) is to put single sized humbuckers in making the job much easier, just soldering in and out

putting in full sized 'buckers might require routing the cavity bigger in the body
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Stacked humbuckers don't sound the same as regular humbuckers. If you want humbuckers, it's best to change the pots to 500K, strats come with 250K. But I'm not sure which is best for stacked humbuckers