I'm looking into the digitech rp series of effects pedals, and right now I"m looking at the 350 and 500

the 500 is much better than the 300, but the price makes it kinda hard... I'm using money from my bank account, so my parents are kinda d;kfasf; about it (I'm already getting a new amp this weekend).

for the rp350, are you able to set the buttons to be used for a single effect, instead of just switching back and forth?

and are there any other pedals you would reccoment for the price range


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I love the rp350. Totally worth the money. Great acoustic sounds, great anything. I don't think you can use 2 effects at once though, Just switch back and forth. This is so good, I don't think I'll Ever play the current guitar I own without it again. It makes my guitar sound soooooooo much better. Buy it Now
no you can't set the 350 like that
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Hey, they just released a brand new RP1000. It looks like it's more for the tube amp player. It seems to be way more flexible.