Is it wise to be keeping your thumb on the back of the neck most of the time?

When i play barre chords, my thumb is in the middle of the back of the neck, but its facing away from me slightly. Is that problematic? It's the way i learnt to play barre chords.

Also, sometimes i'll use some of my non needed fingers to mute strings with my fretting hand. I think i've seen some metal guitarists play that way..

When im soloing, my thumb will be on the topside of the neck, probably because of the extra control it gives for bending...

But im pretty sure a lot of guitarists will say for soloing, their thumb will be resting on the back of the neck, centred?

Usually i dont care about this sort of thing, i dont wanna be the same as everyone else when im playing, but i was just wondering if any of my 'habits' can slow me down, or are considered bad practice??

Thanks for reading..
You don't appear to be doing anything wrong.

lol actually that's PERFECT technique!
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Lol ok cool, thanks guys.

Hopefully gonna be uploading a few vids of myself at some point, so i could back myself up a little more with it maybe :P