Never heard of that brand. Its a nice looking guitar, if you cleaned off those pickups and buffed out those scratches. Keep it.
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idk, looks nice though
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not worth it to sell it, id just keep it, it looks pretty sweet. but put some strings on that thing before the neck warps.
one of those teisco sub-companies. teisco and their sub-companies made guitars from the 60s-80s.
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It looks pretty rusty, but if I had that I would keep it. It looks like a beautiful guitar, but it depends on the sound.
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theres one of those at the guitar shop that is in absolutely mint condition but it has 5 single coils (yes 5).

its some Japanese brand of some sort from the 60s or 70s, and plays and sounds awesome.

-please note thats what the guitar is in the shop, maybe not yours, but it looks just like it.
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