I've playing like crazy and have played at talent shows and band days at my high school. Now I'm feeling like adding to my gear. I have a VOX AD30VT amp, a Fender All-American Highway One Stratocaster (beyond sweet), a Live Wire amp cord, and, well, that's it. I'm looking for like equipment and things along those lines for like $200 (maybe more if I try it and like it). Any thoughts?
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save up for a new amp.

na, he don't need a new amp. I got that amp and its absolutely great.
Well, what would you like to add to your sound? If you play lead (or funk) a wah may come in handy. If you want more versatility perhaps you should upgrade to the Vox VT30 (it models 22 amps as opposed to the AD's 11-ish)
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A wah would be pretty cool. But most effects don't work all that well with Modelling amps so save for a really good amp
I've been thinking of getting pedals a lot. A wah would be nice. I was thinking maybe some distortion but I'm not sure. And I just realized that I didn't put my genre down. I play rock and am pretty much lead with the random people I play with so a wah may be really good. I'm not sure about an amp (due to me upgrading only a little while ago and it's worked pretty well so far) but thanks for the suggestions!