Okay guys so my winter formal is next friday and i'm not sure about something. Obviously, it must be formal attire but is a coat/jacker completely necessary? I understand that most people wear them but my plan was to just wear a shirt, tie and vest. So should i just go with the jacket too or would a shirt,vest and tie be fine?
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Go with a tux.
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"Formal" usually means tuxedos.

"Informall" is a button-up shirt and a tie with trousers, and a blazer.

"Business casual" is a polo shirt, etc.

I don't know what exactly your school is looking for.
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Its eight fcking degrees in most of the united states, so you might want a jacket for warmth...
Vest should be fine, but I'd suggest the jacket deal anyway.
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vest lmao....just wear a button up and some khakis dude

This. Throw in a tie if you want.
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vest lmao....just wear a button up and some khakis dude

I agree with this too.

My winter formals the most guys would wear was a pair of dress pants and a button up... oooo and a bow tie if they felt like being extra snazzy.
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What is the dress code? Does it just say 'formal'? In this case it's a dark suit and tie. Black tie is dinner jackets (tuxes). Smart casual is non-denim trousers, collared, button up shirt, tie optional.

However, schools can mean different things. The above is the standard version.
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