Good people of Ultimate Guitar...

My inner nerd (who am I kidding, I'm on UG... Blatant nerd self) has commanded me to start playing Diablo 2 again...

As I was home from 1st semester during winter, I was able to grab install disks and such... but I didn't bring the actual CD case for the expansion (though I brought the CD)...

In short, I'm out of a CD key (my dad couldn't find the CD case when I called him the other day) and ask of the people who own the game but do not play to give me theirs...

Also, just so this thread isn't me begging to play video games...

Who else plays Diablo?
Diable one?
Diable two?

How awesome is Blizzard?
Starcraft II?

If you are willing to give up the CD key, PMing it would probably be safest.
Still play it.
Its awesome.
Wont pm you.
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why not, i started using the zakk wylde boomers and now every third note i hit is a pinch harmonic

A group of my friends and I just started playing in an LoD hardcore campaign again just for fun. It's hard as hell.
ahh i used to love that game! still do. i play it off and on. can't wait for diablo 3!
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I've played other stuff made by blizzard and they do a good job.
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My inner nerd (who am I kidding, I'm on UG... Blatant nerd self)

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I have a diablo 2 renaissance every couple of years, same with baldurs gate. Great games, you're not getting my cd key though sorry :p

I always wanted to play the above games with about 6 friends and just go through the whole thing together, each as a different character. I reckon that'd be an actual chance for some pretty fantastic roleplaying - at least more than is possible on public servers.

You know there's a gaming thread right?

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i play WoW. I'm almost in Outland!
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