im probably no where near good enough to play the sweeps but for the rest i think i could manage if i put the practise in any tips? Im just running through scales to get finger strength/speed up but thats tiresome and eventually boring


solo is at 2.20
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Sounds fairly simple for the most part. What I do when learning something difficult, is learn every single note very slowly, make sure that you can play every note of the solo without having to think too much about it, and gradually increase speed. Practise with a metronome or if you have Guitar Pro use the Speed Trainer function.

Also in my opinion learn the sweeps. I tend to find that thinking a certain solo or riff is too hard is an attitude that can hold you back, learn the notes to the sweeps very slowly and build speed over time. Automatically dismissing it will likely hold your playing back.
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break it into sections and practice it slow
good thing about the first part of it is its essentially 2 repeated parts

im still having trouble with that solo too
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