I don't know how many people on UG have used the 3d animating program Blender (it sucks ass by the way. Maya is so much better) but I am struggling with an issue and I have no where else to turn too.

I have two guys, one is a guy you control, the other is an enemy.

I have already made the attack animation, and the death animation of the enemy.

So far, the death animation always works when I press the attack button for my main character, and no matter where the character is on the screen, the enemy dies.

What I need to do, is make it so that the enemy will only do the die animation when he is within a certain proximity to my main character, not just whenever I hit the button regardless of where he is.

I worked with this for about an hour and I can't get it to work.

Anyone here know how to do something like this, all help is appreciated, thanks.

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