I'm looking for a teacher in the Middle Ohio region, preferably somewhere close to Columbus (Any where West of that is even better.) To teach me Theory and give me lessons. Preferably Lessons in Metal Guitar, but i suppose any lesson can be adapted.


Just some one to give me lessons on Theory or Guitar over the internet, just to get me off my feet until i can actually find a Teacher.
hey im in columbus up near the arlington area. just call music go round or else colonial music or anywhere else near here. all those places have tons of guitar teachers, and even a few good ones. im in a punk band here and if youre ever looking to jam with some ppl let me know. im sure you could pick some stuff up that way too.
Any of them in particular that you know that could help me out with Metalcore, such as All That Remains?

And yeah, im down to jam anytime. Whenever im up there that is, lol.