Poll: Do you thinkn that drumers are actual musicians and drums are MUSICAL instruments?
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View poll results: Do you thinkn that drumers are actual musicians and drums are MUSICAL instruments?
Drums are just as musical as any instrument and drummers are just as talented musicians as anyone
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i respect drummers as somewhat musically compotent, but dont consider tham real musicians
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drums are in no way musical in any sense and take no talent to play. drummers are not musicians
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drummers can go F themselves in the A with a big rubber D
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i used the searchbar and i dont mean this as an insult or spam or any of that, but as an actual legitamate question.

i want to see how guitatists feel about drums.

do you feel that they are an actual musical instrument even though you cant really make music in the form of harmonies and melodies and all that. you can only make beats. are drummers actually musicians, because i respect them and i think they are musically compotent to some degree but they dont know how to make music, only the beats behind it. or am i just not seeing somethin here?
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For one, you tune your drums. You don't just plop your heads on them and they sound good. It takes skill to tune to proper tunings. Drums with proper tunings are musical. It not just bang bang bang and noise. And, I write most of my bands music anyway, from guitar and drums to lyrics.
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