its a prs se custom grey black w/ tremolo

I noticed the 4 and 6 strings start buzzing on frets 6 and 7. I suspect it is the truss rod but I don't want to attempt to fix it without knowing what the problem is. can anyone help?
try looseing the rod just a bit
is not really dangerous as many people make it seem
the only rule is dont put pressure on anything, if its not smooth dont move it cause something could be wrong
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It's a simple thing to adjust the truss rod. Just do really small adjustments.
check the fretting job. some of the SE models have some shoddy fretting, so just touching them up could help the buzz a lot. or raise the action a touch on the bass string side, which should hopefully fix the problem.
you could just raise the saddles on the low side strings, or just the E and D strings if those are the problem strings. just use a allen key thingy to turn the little screws so the saddle goes up. at first i thought it was one of the stop-tail ones, which would be different, but you can just raise those two strings a touch.
Press down on the first fret and last fret on your guitar. Check at the 12th fret and see if there is relief or not. If there is not, move the allen wrench to the right, if there is too much, move it left. Make small adjustments.
I turned it to the left as much as I could but stopped when It started feeling harder. At this point, I will just take it to a guitar tech. It could be a loose screw or something in the inside of the guitar for all I know (I've fixed buzzing on this guitar just by tightening my strap buttons)