Right now i just broke another string, which means this will be over (maybe well over) my 10th pack in almost a year . Im starting to think something is wrong here, because my strings haven't lasted long enough to get broken in and are still very shiny when they break. I'm fairly sure its not the string, i play Ernie Ball super slinkys used to be nines but right now im playing on tens. Could this be a sign my squire strat isn't set up correctly? I don't think im being too rough because i have small fingers and they aren't overly tough / strong yet.

any help is appreciated
may be something sharp on the nut.

heck, last year i went through ATLEAST 15 packs between all my guitars.
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if your using your fingers, maybe your plucking to hard. idk just a thought
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I agree with the others, the nut is probably sharp or has something sharp in it.
Here's a tip: Take a #2 pencil and scribble all over inside the nut as if you were colouring. Then start stringing.
Hope the pencil lubrication helps.
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Maybe you are pulling-off to the open string too roughly, or you might be plucking to hard.
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Maybe you are pulling-off to the open string too roughly, or you might be plucking to hard.

^ this seems like the most likely problems, lately i have been spending more time on getting my tapping more audible, so yea i might have been pulling off to hard

thx to all for advice, im going to use it
Ernie balls suck in my opinion, try some different brands.

Also, revise your picking technique; If you're picking really hard it could be breaking them..

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i love d'addrio ive went through 1 package for this year and i play thrash metal and speed metal there very durable