I'm studying out of a book I got on Amazon.com called Guitar Fretboard Workbook

I'm on chapter 2 of this book and its talking about the five root shapes. I would like some more details on this because i'm kinda confused on it. It's got a excerise (page 10 if you happen to have the book) where you have to fill in the two root shapes based on each note...

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Anyone able to help me with this? or have some resources on the internet somewhere?

Essentially, what this is teaching you, is how to find your notes along the fretboard. I learned the same thing when I was starting out from an instructor. On the first page, it's showing you the location of all the Cs. The pattern is moveable. These roots are important, since the scales are based on them. When you learn to play scales, you'll be taught to emphasize the roots of that particular scale. So, for now, just realize that if you play the notes shown on the drawn necks, they're all the same note. This will come in very handy later on, especially if you want to play lead.
I probably need to explain something. By "moveable", I mean that you can take that pattern shown on the first page and slide it up 2 frets. If you slide all of the dots up 2 frets, you're now playing the Ds. Of course, there's a D on the open fourth string.
I tlooks like they are prepping you for the CAGED system of chords and scales.

Basically if you are in key of C major, the C chord and C major scale caqn e played in five different positions along the neck. The first postion is the C chord open, the next is the "A" shaoped C chord, then the "G" shaped C chord, then the "E" shaped C chord (thats the barre chord C on the 8th fret) then the "d" shaped c chord, whihc in turn joins back onto the C shaped c chord, but a the 12 fret, thus one ocatve higher than before. Hence C A G E D. Hope that helps.