My fingers on my fretting hand gets tired very fast, after a while I can't seem hold down chords properly and they never seem to land on the correct strings. Can any one help me?

Just kidding. But I think that's all their is to it. Build up your finger strength...
Buy new fingers
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Actually, it means you have to rest them a bit. You've been pushing them too far.
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nice discovery, sir.

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Cut off your fingers
those are obviously not cut our for it, so you have to wait 12 months for new ones to grow back
hopefully those will be more laboriously inclined
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anyway, on topic: yeah just rest em for a while. might actually get cramped later if you don't rest
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play lots of guitar hero. LOTs. it gets your finger and hand strength up tremendously, especially if you get to the point of TTFaF on expert. lol guitar hero is how i started playing the guitar :P
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You need to rehabilitate your fingers. Laziness doesn't leave easy. Such delinquency should not be tolerated, rather, it should be treated by a firm institution capable of forcing the fingers to internalize proper morals, values, and work ethic. Send your fingers to juvie.
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Actually, it means you have to rest them a bit. You've been pushing them too far.

This. Quit practicing. Seriously, you do not want to wear them out anymore than they already are.
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guitar hero???

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I quit

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