im looking for some good songs, preferably of the soul/jazz/r&b genre, with that 'feel-good' vibe to it. any genre works though. im thinking something like this




ima be using them for hiphop beats.

instrumental tracks from the 60's 70's work best.

drop names here if yall would be so kind.

thanks in advance.
best thing to do is go crate digging at record fairs.

you want to find the really obscure ones so you can actually get away with ripping samples that arent recognisable.
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Go record exchange.

Buy one or two record from every category there (that applies to what you're wanting). You want ones that arent reaaally recognisable.
its kinda hard to say "hey this is a good sample"

you got to find your own and envision what you wanna create.
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Keep in mind that samples arent gonna be as easy to find for a beginner as they are for someone who's more experienced. It requires as much practice as anything else. You also dont NEED to find loops- single chords, atmosphere, ANYTHING really can be sequenced to form music, and you can always blend bits from multiple different songs to create a great soundscape. UK Garage guys [used to] LOVE doing this with vocals
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If you aren't going to look for samples yourself, then what's the point of producing?
Don't use Kidz in the Hall as an example of good sampling.


Here is a true master.

Anything can be sampled- if you aren't finding what you are looking for in your own music, you need to simply listen to a wider variety of styles- its difficult to find just a good sample, but when you listen with an ear for samples, you start to notice lots of potential everywhere.
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If you aren't going to look for samples yourself, then what's the point of producing?

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Well it's hard to find good samples, i like to walk around the house, or at a party and just record everything, it takes alot of time, but you can get some good sounds that way.
or you can just sample things from speeches or online sound bytes. Hope that helps.