For some reason i cant seem to get it... and ive looked for this tab elsewhere. guessing it hasnt been done. cool song tho. thx in advance.
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ok... maybe someone can help me with the beginning plz. i can get the rest from here. thx.
mabey your thinking of Five finger death punch - "never enough" ...that could be why you cant find it.
nope.. its off their 2008 the new game


Mudvayne - The New Game Tracklist

"Fish Out of Water" – 3:30
"Have it Your Way" – 3:45
"A New Game" – 5:03
"Dull Boy" – 4:13 (lyrics)
"Do What You Do" – 3:36 (lyrics)
"The Hate in Me" – 3:22
"Scarlet Letters" – 3:56
"Same Ol?" – 4:49
"Never Enough" – 3:38
"A Cinderella Story" – 4:40
"We the People" – 3:07
the intro starts off something like this:


Well thats the best I can do, its alittle inaccurate and I just kinda through this little tab together here but Im sure this can point someone in the right direction
Alright- got the intro down perfect, but any help with the chorus would be great- kinda hard to hear through the distortion. Almost there dudes!