I want to make an online band in the style of punk rock, pop punk, skate punk, etc. My biggest influence is Blink-182. I can play guitar or bass. Also maybe drums but I'm not that good. I have all the recording equipment neccessary.

Respond/PM/email me if interested. My email is bob1a2x@gmail.com.
dude, im not intersted myself. but i know this guy, his username is TheAndster6, he'd probobly be down for this
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All right qwerty you can be lead and antonio you can be rhythm ill do bass. Are either of you good at singing blink? I'm already singing in a band I have going at my school and I dont really wanna sing here. If one of you wants to sing and your good enough go ahead.
i am terrible my voice is really low

And we still need a drummer
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OK LF a drummer and someone who sings , And how are we supost to discuss band?