im looking for a peadal taht can do multi effects but no amp modeling or distortion. just effects like phaser and reverb. the line 6 pod x3 live has amp modeling and completely ruins my tube amps sound.

what about the m13 by line 6. or are there any other better effects only pedals?
Are you able to turn the amp modelling off? I have a Zoom 7.1 and I love it, no worries about amp modelling at all.

Another option is to buy an older pedal set second hand, like a Boss ME30, that doesn't have amp modelling.
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I am looking for the same thing.

All I need is a modulation multi-effect pedal, as well as one with delay and reverb.
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doeas anyone know about the M13 by line 6? apparently it only does effects but i dont know how good it is.