I found this bass amp for sale, and I have no clue what it is.
It appears to be a vintage amp.

Its all tube, 120v 60 cycles 480 watts.
4 inputs
two channel controls, non-footswitchable.
volume, bass, treble control for each channel.
the only markings are the logo pictured, the output info, a serial number and "model 62 90*4", with the star representing a worn away character.

Any info on this would be appreciated. It has a 2x15 cab under it.
I really doubt an all tube bass head is putting out 480w, that's probably the power consumption rating, not output. So don't go looking for an amp with that output if you're trying to find it. Most tube bass amps are 50, 100, 200, or 300 watts.
to blacklabel: the knob layout and such is similar to the sears, but the switches and finishes are different . Also, the logo doesn't match the Silvertone logo (which is the amp manufacturer for sears). I think the link you sent may help date the amp, based on stylistic similarities, but I am basing that on my brother's background in art and design, not knowledge in amps.

to dullsilver: I am aware that 480 is most likely the consumption rating, it is also the only number given for watts on the amp anywhere. I probably should have put that in my post, I didnt think about it until after your post had been made.

I really think that an ID on the logo its self would be the most helpful thing I could get.