Okay, I play the guitar right now, been about 8 months,
and I was wondering if i were to buy a bass would it interfere with my learning the guitar?

thanks in advance,

well, if you want to focus on learning guitar first, then you should stick to guitar. but getting a bass won't hurt, it might slow the process down though trying to learn two instruments at once. After i started to learn guitar a little, i got tired at how hard it was and wanted to go to bass because it seemed easier and my friend plays bass, but i changed my mind and kept at it on guitar and got really good.

but if you want to leanr bass now, go for it!
Just remember to treat them as the very different instruments they are and it can only improve you as a musician.
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I enjoy playing both. Sometimes you just wanna shred on a guitar, and other times you just wanna play funky bass lines, and it's always nice to have that option. The only thing bass actually did to my guitar playing was strengthen my fretting hand, and it also changed my fingerpicking style.
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