Im looking into a new guitar.
$800 Range.
Classic Rock/Blues/Anything really.
Probably going to get a Gibby LP Studio and put Page Burstbuckers in it, if I can find em :/

Still open for suggestions.

Already have a Peavey Reactor (Tele copy) and like it pretty well.

Going to try and get a new amp for my birthday in Oct. Seeing as how the guitar will be more realistic now with income tax coming back...the amp would be easy to get later on.

I just want to hear some alternate options that I can look into
I play on a Vintage Gibson Hollowbody and I'll tell ya, if you're lookin for a nice crisp sound similar to blues riffs, seriously consider hollowbody. Semi-hollow at least.
Im just now getting into blues, so I have no idea how big I will be into it, I play alot more classic rock stuff than anything.

Also Epi LPs are another option, because I played a Gibby LP Standard, and loved it, but thats just out of the question.

Just any suggestions would be nice.

Classic Rock is my main style.
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Get a japanese LP copy
Edwards, Burny, Greco, Tokai, Epiphone Elitist, Ibanez, etc.
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I was actually thinking about a Strat. But I like the warm tones of a LP compared to the twangy like sound from a Strat.

But, then again, I haven't played very many Strats.

Are there any that deliver the fat, warm sound of a LP?
Strat tones and LP tones are inherently different due to their pickups, wood, scale lengths and bodies size. I guess you could thicken the strat sound by slapping in some buckers and adjusting your EQ settings though it will never sound exactly like an LP
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you can be jesus.

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most useless response i think i have ever seen on any forum ever.

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What kind of amp do you have?

EDIT: Didn't read carefully. With that budget, I think maybe an Epi LP of some kind or a a Gibson ES copy would be nice.

For pick-ups, I say ask CorduroyEW to wind you some. www.rockmonkeyguitars.com
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I think in Epi's it's all a matter of finishes. Seeing as they pretty much all come with Alnicos.

Im really digging that Epi Standard Plus Top.

P/ups will be changed later down the road (after an amp) as I am starting to get pretty good as a guitarist, and searching for that good tone.

Its basically Low End Gibson (which I imagine would gain value as it ages)
High End Epi (which will gain value as well)
Chances are, neither will gain value. The Gibson probably has a better chance of retaining value though

With those two choices, I would choose a high end Epi. Make sure you play it first though.
Yeah I'm thinkin High End Epi, because later when I get a job and get my own place and stuff I can always nab up a Gibson.

Besides it isn't like I am doing shows (yet) it is possible that I will be asked to be in a side project for a band though, as the idea has been thrown around.

Plus I can always buy P/ups if I really find it necessary.

I am planning to buy a new guitar I browse the web and found this epiphone limited ed wilshire guitar its price is less cheaper and one of the top seller in the web,do this guitar have a good quality?
TS, don't get the cheap gibson studio.

At least get a vox VT15 or something... you'll regret having a nice guitar and a cheap amp, and i speak from personal experience. What amp do you have now? I could pretty much guarantee that epiphone amp won't be much better, maybe worse. Pawning it would be almost impossible, you might get $20-$50 for the amp if you're lucky.

I say get an epiphone les paul of some sort, and a vox valvetronix amp.