i love how acoustics sound but i havent seen any acoustic guitar that plays like and electric, i mean an acoustic we the neck size of an electric one and low action..so ¿is there any guitar that fits into my description at a low price?
i played an acoustic ibanez once, and it was like what you seem to be looking for
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Some Ovation guitars have necks that play like an electric, though DEFINITELY try one out before you buy it because the tone when played unplugged is very different than a normal acoustic, and you need to judge whether you like the tone or not.
Taylors have very slim and playable necks. Also, the original Gibson Hummingbirds are known for having slim necks...can't say about the Epiphone Hummingbirds because I haven't tried one, but if they held true to the specs, that would be a good budget-priced player, with a solid spruce top as well.
Fender makes a Stratacoustic and Telecoustic, both have similar necks to the electric version.
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