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Microsoft works

Beautiful Disaster

Jumbo Shrimp (They're delicious lol)
Common sense is becoming such and uncommon trait.
French Resistance
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shadesofanger, you're my hero.

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So I was wondering, are black people capable feeling love? I mean can their brains comprehend that kind of emotion, or are they not programmed that way.
Happy Monday
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My last pay check was £0 working 0 hours. I can't believe how easy it was
Congressional ethics.
Here's my Youtube channel.
I play guitar and video games on it.
You're more than welcome to check it out.

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bitter sweet
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I'm not in a wheelchair, but I own one just for fun.
Forcing Democracy.
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Icy Hot



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Holy Moses.
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Hi Billy Mays Here!
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That was a different Feb08er that threatened to suck you off
I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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Let it be known that I concur with everything this gentleman says, ever.
Bitter Sweet ala Bittersweet Symphony.
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^ you are wise

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There's been sooo many threads done on this; I don't even wanna hear that you used the searchbar. Staring at it and giggling does not count.
The worlds fu cked up and we lit the fuse, its all used up what you gonna do?

Get it. Oxy(clean) Moron (Billy)
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I also have hairy butt cheeks, I once shaved a letter 'W' on each cheek, so that when I bent over it spelled WoW.

warning, some of the contents of this post may not necessarily be completely true.
MIDNIGHT SUN because i love the twilight series....*Blasts brains out with shotgun, thus becoming an hero*

seriously thuogh, I'd got with "clean coal"
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Jumbo Shrimp (They're delicious lol)

Ugh... I shall undermine this. "Shrimp" refers to a crustacean, not something small in stature. Society uses this word to describe small things due to the size of the animal...

Anyway: organized chaos.
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World-famous bass player...

Intelligent drummer...


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Holy Moses.
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World-famous bass player...

...Non-douchebag guitar player....
Systematic Chaos.
Silent Scream.
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