Hello I am new to recording and would like to know what would be better for recording an electric guitar. I plan to try both set-ups but my interface is being shipped now and would like to know some opinions before i recieve my apogee duet.

Mic'ed:I could run my Schecter guitar through a Vox 30 watt and set up a MXL V63M microphone to apogee and finally to my macbook. From there i would use Garage Band.


Direct Connect: I could hook my Schecter up directly to apogee and use Amplitube 2 as an emulator to get the desired tone. I would still be using Garage Band.

Which route would lead to a better quality recording? Sorry if i left something out I am new to recording. Thank you!
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Try both, if you prefer the tone of using a real amp and a mic then do that. Make sure you experiment with positioning and different amp settings before you switch over.