So, I have several auditions coming up where I need to play a bunch of different two octave scales (usually, when improvising I play over changes or figure out one octave scales). I need to show different ways of playing the Major and Harmonic, Natural and Melodic Minor (traditional not just the ascending form). I was wondering if anyone know where I could find a few different shapes (preferably but not necessarily with notation-as I can use solfege to keep track of what note I'm on) for each scale (preferable four shapes 2 with the root on the E string and 2 with the root on the A string).
Also, just for my own purposes if anyone knows of a place that has the same sort of deal with the altered dominant scale, blues scale, whole tone-diminished scale and Mixolydian and Dorian modes that would be fantastic. I checked a few stickies (though maybe not the correct one) and couldn't find anything to help.
Any help would be awesome.
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The theory sticky covers scale construction. Use it to build the scale all over the neck.
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