I just got the new macbook for christmas and i especially am looking forward to using garageband to record all of my songs. I want to know what i should buy that would effectively record all my bandmates ( two guitarists, singer, saxophone player, bass, and drums)...i need a mixer that has a USB interface for direct connect right?? how would i record my guitar? i have a POD 2.0, so if the mixer has a MIDI input i could connect that to the mixer right?? idk, i'm kinda confused by what i need to get...can someone give me a list of everything i'm gonna need for recording?? and if you could provide some links to specific products that would be great! i could use a good "how to" and a step by step deal...thanks much!
Well, if you want to record each instrument individually, you'll need a Shure SM57 mic (or two) and a recording interface, like an M-Audio Fasttrack (about 100 bucks)
if you want to record all the instruments at the same time, you can either put a mic
in the middle of the room and record them all like that (which won't sound that great)
OR you can buy ALOT of mics, and either get a HUGE mixer or a HUGE recording interface.
So in other words, unless you're made of money.. you're gonna have to record each instrument individually with an SM57 and something like the Fast track,



Oh, and obviously the more you spend on a recording interface the better quality you're going to get.
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