i downloaded a free software that im using with my pod but i cant export without every 6 seconds some voice advertising it. but im looking for a package with mics, monitors, mic stands, cables, an interface/mixer, and software for three or more people to be using to record music. as of now its a singer and two acoustic guitars. whats a good package for us to use. say under 500 dollars. cheaper would be preferable
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i personally do not think the above recomendations are good at all.. I think what you should look at are some 4 or 8 track multitrack recorders by fostex or tascam. then you can either plug your guitar into it if you have an electric acoustic, or mic it with something like a shure sm-57. buy mic stands if you need them, any will do, and some cables that are mid-range.

all of this together will cost about 400 or 500 i'd say.

then i'd save up for decent monitors. if you have ever looked up monitors, they are freakin expensive.. easily over 200 bucks for ONE speaker, and you MUST buy 2. so i would say save up and use some speakers you have around your house or a quality pair of headphones.

this is the best option i believe.

another option that is probably just as good would be to get an interface and record on the computer. i'm sure someone else will explain this, but i'm all for multitrack recorders
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