The clue is in the name, find the closest wall socket and jam your FINGER(see Pit, I don't have to stoop to your level) in there.
no idea, but I use ICE spray adhesive and get similar results. He's got to be using a combination of spray and wax though.
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semen...animal semen.

"Come on, Pookie. Let's burn this mutha-fucka down!!"
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semen...animal semen.

HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHROFL. Nice Harold and Kumar reference and nice pic, I'm reading the book right now. I'd have to agree that animal semen is good 'nuff
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No because I am attracted to females...sorry

Wow, that was pretty pathetic.

You know there are better ways to compensate for that lack of security in your sexuality.



Dunno if that helps but its worth a shot.
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You're Thurstonsexual

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prolly just glue.....