Alright so I recorded this song, with the intentions of putting it on my band's myspace once we got all the stuff tracked. Right now its the programmed drums (no way to record our drummer at the moment), 2 guitar tracks, a pitch-shifted guitar for bass, some VERY ROUGH synths and some clean vocals from me. I'd need to track the actual bass, more clean vocals, and most importantly the screamed vocals which is the majority of the song.

Basically I'm asking a few things...First off and most importantly, advice for my actual mix...It doesn't sound as good as it could in my opinion. I'm going for a dirty, sort of unrefined hardcore sound (not like I have much choice with my equipment..) like what The Chariot did on their first album without it sounding just...bad. The guitar sound can be tweaked since I recorded it clean directly into my interface (line6 toneport ux2) and added the distortion with amplitube. Same goes for the bass obviously.

I'd specificly like some info on getting screamed vocals to fit into a mix, so far when I've done it with my vocalist it sounds like two tracks just mixed together instead of one smoothly mixed song.

Which brings me to my next question, any tips for recording screams? I'm sure compression but even when I do that, it still clips when he does low screams...highs are fine normally as long as he doesn't get too close to the mic. (SM58)

Umm I think thats about it. I wouldn't mind any advice about getting the synths to fit into the mix but I don't think they sound too bad as it is.

Oh, the songs in my profile, its called She Found Him With No Way Out (She Was ****ing Escape)
for getting the synths to mix in "right" you can add just the smallest amount of reverb so they sound like they were recorded in the same room as everything else.

Running thoughts:
there is a little fuzz at the very beggining.
I like the guitars tone. well done.
:37 is creates a nice effect to the song. distant feeling then pulling it back in.
I feel like there should be more low end. when you record a real bass this should help.
1:47 synth part is driving.
2:15 there is some fuzz again. but i kinda like it. dramatic affect. no idea if its intentional or not
2:17 vocals are decent. they fit right into the mix. chorus effect is not what I was expecting on the vocals at all, but it worked.
2:57 apr. and pad synths flow in well. but on the out side they just kinda stop. needs a better transition.
3:45 when this part starts, there isnt much going on. its busy and nothing is happening. Im assuming some screams will be occuring here?
4:14 same as above. and even if screams are going, since you took out the synth maybe add a little flair to the guitar?
4:45 background fuzz very very apparent and its no bueno this time
4:47 breakdown will sound better with real drums. its a little dull though to be honest. nothing new here and nothing thats really saying WOW. its needing something. anything to be honest. maybe add the synth in again? or have something in before this part to play up the drop out?

for not having real drums, they sounded ok actually. granted real ones will sound much better, but i was rather impressed. if you dont mind me asking, what program did you use?

for the screams, record highs and lows as seperate tracks. use a lower level and gain setting. if you need to, set the mic as far away as the other side of the room. then add compression as needed. if for some reason that still wont fix the clipping issue then:
A) the dude has way way to loud of a voice lol
B) mess around with putting objects between him and the mic. (pillow, wall, ect) do block the sound. Do keep in mind that this will change how his voice sounds though.

Hopefully I helped.