hello i would like some suggestions on a new guitar to get. Although I won't have the money to buy it any time soon, its nice to have an idea of what u want before you get it. I already have a PRS Se Custom with a tremolo (tuned to either E Standard or Drop D) and am looking for a guitar to keep in Drop C

Here are some things I am looking for

a floyd rose tremolo (my prs has a non locking one and id rather not use it than let it go out of tune)

good tuning stability

a cool body style (maybe an explorer or v copy)

good pickups for alternative/ alternative metal (SOAD, TDG, Audioslave, early Nickelback, etc.

also it must be good at holding a Drop C (my current prs doesn't do well below Drop D)

Since it'll be a while before i get it, I can consider any budget level. I will have it connected to a Crate V50 tube amp on clean with a dist pedal.
any suggestions please
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I'm thinking Agile Ghost or Hornet or Reaper. The Ghost is an explorer type and it comes in red, black, white, and green. The Hornet is a Randy Rhoads style V while the Reaper is similar to the Dave Mustaine V. The Hornet and the Ghost have seven string models that are just as cool.

Here's the link:
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