hi UG it´s me again :P
well i just have several question about my new adquisition.
i saw a MIJ telecaster with the "made in japan" erased from neck and the guy told me it was fron 1987 cuz the bridge has an A##### number, but then i realize that that was not the serial number of the guitar, that was just the bridge serial number.
so i took off the neck and in the place where the neck joint to the body its say
TL-52EX and a few letters circled in red.
but the entire body seems to has been painted recently with a red color with sparks (diminutives pieces that shine)and also the neckplate in the body has been replaced.
if this a real MIJ aroud 80s telecaster? or its just a copy? the guy sold it to me for about just 140 US so it wont be a lot of loss
also its soud great to me
thank you for your help guys
I think this thread is relevant, but from what ive read it seems like a real MIJ, so nice score.

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