I heard that building your own cables can really save you a crapload of money, and if wired right then there should also be very minimal noise

i have all the tools needed to construct a cable, thanks to my stepdad, but i don't know what exact materials i need to buy in order to make one. Ex, what type of cables (how thick and etc)

all i know about what to buy are the 1/4th cable ends, other than that i'm clueless as to what exact cables and stuff to get
I would suggest a fairly low resistance metal, and a reasonably thick wire to keep the resistance as low as possible.
Well really its more then just wiring that is gonna cut sound try Sheilding also that cuts out more than just cables alone, I also hear when wiring twist all the wires together like a RedVine Candy or a candy cane.....thats what I've heard.
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wiring cables isn't hard, they have a ground wire and a hot wire, Ground soldered to the jacks ring lug and hot soldered to the other one...