I own a strat, and never owned a Les Paul. But when I tried it out in the stores, playing the upper frets is kinda awkward, especially when trying to bend those notes. It gets worse if I stand up and play the upper frets.

If I get a Les Paul, would I get used to this? I have no problems on the Strat. When I tried the SG, Ididn't have this problem either.

But I want to get a Les Paul, since it's so iconic and many of my favorite players played it. The SG doesn't look as cool and the double cut les paul looks weird IMO.

I have smallish hands, maybe that's the reason?
the reason is it's not a double-cut. it'll seem less weird if you play it more than your strat, but if you only want it because it's "iconic", you're waisting your money.
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I never had an issue on it, until I switched primarily to an Ibanez RG series. Now I played a Les Paul today and was shocked at how.. "iffy" it was playing the higher frets.

Meaning, I think you'll get used to it.
Get an ESP Eclipse looks kinda like the les Paul but a lil meaner I think
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I started on a wal-mart strat, moved on to a Fender MIM, then I bought a Gibson LP. I really like the Gibson because I like to play more rock, and I got used to it. Maybe I started using my pinky more or something, I don't know...

Don't get me wrong, it's easier to play, and always will be easier to play those higher frets on a double cutaway. I have very small hands, smaller than my mom even, I got it from my dad, short stubby fingers...that's beside the point. The point it that if you can learn to hit the notes on the LP it'll make you that much better on your Strat.
It's something you can get used to over time.

And yes, you should learn to use your pinky more, not even to help fret access but just to be a better guitar player.
Thats the main reason I don't really like them, other than the fact they are so heavy they hurt my shoulder after an hour. You will get used to it.

Get used to 24 frets thats all you will ever like.
If you use those frets often, I wouldn't recommend a Les Paul.

You should check out the Carvin CS6. I'd take one of those over a comparably priced Gibson any day.

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you do get used to it, but it is a stretch to get to, espically the lower 3 strings

saying that, its uncommon to go there, only play there for one song
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