When I pick (especially tremolo) I tilt my pick upward to my left. I've been watching a lot of guitarists, and most of them tilt it downward to their left. I have been trying to practice this way, and struggling. Is it converting? Will the way I do it limit me in any way?
just pick how ever comfortably you feel, just cause ONE guitarist no matter HOW renown he is dosent mean its going to work for you, now what you can do and just is just cause it works for me it might not work for you but find a pivot point.
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If you are doing it how I think you are and bending your thumb in towards the palm of your hand then it may put added tension and pressure on your thumb and make it hurt, but it may not.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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If you're comfortable, no problem. That said, sticking with one grip all the time can limit you; I find for some applications I'm actually more comfortable holding the pick with my thumb and middle finger, sometimes I want the plane of the pick perpendicular to the strings, et cetera.
I finally found someone who plays just like me. =D The guy who does the tasty riffs videos. He also strums more towards the 3rd pickup and picks with his thumb inward. It is really relieving.