This is a poem that i wrote its in a very rough state right now so if you guys can give me any feedback that would be much appreciated

The snow is falling down on this cold winter night
And I swear to god I’ll act like I’m all right
I thought just once things would turn out right
But I guess I was wrong
And oh how I should have know
I’ve been down this road so many times before
It’s like I left my heart somewhere down the way

It seemed like the stars had all aligned
And finally things might turn out right
But as the moment arised
The stars imploded to create my demise
Its like the world doesn’t want me to be happy
Like everyone has a steak in my gloom
Well I hope you’re happy world
Because you succeeded in everything you sought to do

But don’t worry about me I’ll act like I’m ok
It wont be a problem
I’ll live to see another day
But I’m begging you not to worry about me
I’ll look like I’m ok
Keep living your life for today
You’re probably better off anyway

I thought I had this right
I thought that you just might
Feel the way I do
But its ok don’t fret over me
I’ll keep on thinking I’m ok
I’ll walk these streets with my shattered heart
But believe me girl it’s not your fault
I’ve been here before I’ll just claw my back up
It’s going to take a while so I beg you to move on
You’re probably better off without me anway………………………………………………..