just as a quick question
i own a cheapo les paul, yet i bought this quite awhile ago and its not really the right guitar for my new playing style so im planning on getting a seven string soon but yea...question at hand

i get a lot of unnecessary ringing from my guitar while doing things like sweeping and tapping, i can do it fine on my friends seven, yet on my les paul like, if theres ANY contact (in standard tuning would be the G string ...lulz...) without stopping it like instantly somehow with the side of my hand or finger depending on what im doing its just is loud and annoying and there is no way for me to stop it, ive tried getting my fingers used to rolling off the strings in just about every way imagineable without it ringing and crap but theres just no way, no matter what i do if i touch that string its as if i just picked it haha, so is this like normal for a les paul or what and can i do anything ie buy thicker/thinner strings or whatever to at least dampen this problem because when im at home practicing sweeps and stuff it really sets me back because i always think im messing up then i try on anyone elses guitar it sounds great
my guitar kinda does this, cept its a strat. either way, tryin turning down the gain on your amp to half way or lower and the volume up. usually that clears it up. tad bit mid and treble might help, as well as switching up one tone thing(5 way switch). if that dont work, **** it, play drums.
Are you muting the lowest strings with the palm of your hand when you play the higher strings? If not, that's almost certainly your problem. Because when you play the higher strings it can cause the lower ones to ring in sympathy with the higher ones. This is especially noticeable if you are playing with lots of gain. The result is a "ringing" type of sound.
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Get a guitar with EMG's, they're quite.

Really don't know if you're joking or being serious there..

But there are far better passive pickups than EMG's.

On topic, I think it's your playing.
After a while, you just learn to keep it under control by muting noisy open strings by just putting your palm on the unplayed strings
and picking with more accuracy.

I use to think my Squier Strat use to have it out for me.
The B string would just ring, and ring.
It'd really pissed me off.
I blamed the guitar then, but now I blame myself

But if you really think it's your guitar