So I've come to realize every time I'm in front of people and I get handed an acoustic guitar I end up sitting there like an idiot trying to think of a song to play. As a result, I have been learning songs so when this occasion comes up, I don't end up noodling out protest the hero the whole time.

So far I've learned

Baby You Wouldn't Last a Minute in the Creek- Chiodos
Yeah Boy and Doll Face- Pierce the Veil

I'm just looking for some more suggestions.
playing for keeps by matchbook romance
acoustic version of until the day i die by story of the year
anything by dashboard confessional if your into that
or if youre just with a lot of friends then learn chords to popular songs and then everyone can just sing along and then you have yourself a nice little party
I've been known to play the entire Brand New discography while drinking
true story

whether people sing along... that is what you have to ask
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rocky votolato