Okay, so I typed this up in Guitar Pro in about 20 minutes, and I decided to venture into metal and use some odd time signatures, both of which I don't do enough.
It's a GP export so it might sound a bit odd (Uses the RSE), I should add a real recording later.
The time signatures go 7/8 3/8 5/8 9/8
There is a drum, bass and guitar track.
The song is the only one in my profile so check it out, and I'm down with C4C
I guess I should also mention that this is nowhere near complete
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that sounded pretty good for being an RSE export. It instantly reminded me of dream theater. I suggest cutting it down a bit, and straightening it out into 4/4 and singing the verse up, then come back to it after a chorus or whatever. Just a suggestion though. Sounds pretty sweet and unique still anyway!
if you can, can you crit my song?
thanks a lot and good luck!
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Thanks I really appreciate it, and now that you mention it, I guess I do hear some Dream Theater influence in that, your song was quite good btw.
Pretty good. You could probably use a more drastic version of the build-up from .16-.19 it a later part, but as it went on, it seemed to lose a little of it's charm, but I guess that's just from repetition, and will be fixed once vocals are added. I still like the part from the beginning to .16 the best though. For C4C, it's on the first page, it's called "Pop-Punk Bass Song". It's kinda boring, but I'd appreciate feedback.
Nice man. I also, have been living too much in 4/4. I started listening to some more Dream Theater and more obscure Rush and I'm really enjoying it. The song sounded pretty cool, the only part I didn't like was the drums. Not the sound, I realize it was RSE. I just thought the first drum part was almost "random-sounding" in the beginning. After ~30 seconds, the drum beat was nice and had more of a odd-time groove. Near the end when the same part kept repeating it got a bit boring, but I realize you're nowhere near finished which is totally understandable. Sounds like a pretty cool project, post again if you finish it or get a better recording, I'd love to hear it.

c4c: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1039606
Yay! thanks for the feedback, can't wait to see some more, I'll definitely try adding some vocals, or make up some kind of melody and make a potential instrumental. I do realize the drums can use some work and I'll do my best to fix them up, but hey I'm not a drummer after all, just working off of my understanding according to my ear.
sorry that i hat no time before to give an opinion back (thx for your crit)
i also liked your song its like somebody said before not very generious and is at a high composition level withe the different time signatures
but you shouldnt forget that playin'live such a song wouldnt be that goog because you cannot headbang to it xD i dont know how to improve because playing stlye is gp