As the title suggests, i have roughly 60$ to buy a new and my first pedal.

I have been playing for about an year and a half.....and basically dig rock(the heavy crunchy type of the sound) - like that of metallica,megadeth,iron maiden.....and new ones too like CoB,etc. etc.

I currently own an Ibanez GRG 170DX (that my first guitar) with a local made 20 W amp(pretty cheap and does the work,though it gets a little irritated at high volume,but serves me good) and sometimes i borrow my friends Zoom G2.1u.....its good but not that good.

So anyone willing to help will will be appreciated....thnks.

Also, i basically have knowledge of Boss pedals and not enough for other brands. Have to admit that my knowledge on Boss is very less and i havent actually tried anything as of now(except tht zoom processor).

And 1 last question would be.....should i go for a processor or a pedal???
Processors, especially in that price range, generally suck. You're looking for Distortion? Save your money and get a ProCo Rat.

I've heard tell that modded Boss DS-1's are cool...but I'm still skeptical.
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See if you can find a Boss OS-2. They're versatile, and they sound awesome, not sure how much they are new. Check ebay maybe.
Get a DS-1/Digitech Grunge (ignore the name, this pedal is perfect for thrash and heavy metal) and mod the crap outta them.
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If you like CoB you'll like the Boss Metalcore Pedal ML-2. It's like the Metal Zone MT-2 but better highs and mids.
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hmmmmm.....so basically till now i have got options for :
ML-2 >> DS-1 >> Digitech Grunge >> OS-2....

1. Well I checked the local store site in my country and ML-2 is abt 90$ and MT-2 is near abt 110$.....so that takes them off the budget...

2. DS-1 is in budget and so is Digi Grunge......Can they be used to make the metallica/mega/IM sound??

3. ProCo Rat cannot be found on any of the local store sites nor any local dealer on their site.

4. What about DD-1/DD-2/DS-1/Ds-2???

PS: I am from India so i may not get all brands here.
Sup. Nice to see another Indian here...
You won't get a pro co rat unless you order it.
Alberto's can prob hook you up, but you'll be charged a bit more.

Which city?
So i have an idea of what you have access to?
I am from Delhi.....and i dont have a credit card so ordering through the net is out of the question.....
any other suggestions???
If you want a pedal now for $60, I'd recommend either a Morley wah or a USSR EHX Big Muff. I'd personally save for a better set though.

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