Hi everyone. Does anyone here own any of the Gretsch electric-acoustic guitars? I’m particularly interested in the Gretsch Rancher Junior from the flat top collection.

I’ve noticed that some of these Rancher Junior guitars that were manufactured have the steerhead logo etched on the pickguard while others don’t.

Check these out:

Which of the four kinds of Rancher Junior guitars have that steerhead on the ‘guard? The G5010, the G5012, the G5013, or the G5015?

Here's the website: http://www.gretschguitars.com/gear/index.php?product=G5015&cat1=&cat2=&q=&st=1

Does anybody have some information on this? My research hasn’t been successful using the internet.

Thanks everyone!
Probably hte G5013 because google tells me that none of the others do and I can't find a picture of that one.