Excuse my lack of correct terminology - One of the screws that holds the plate where the 1/4" jack goes in spins loosely in it's screw hole - It appears to be threaded. I'd like to get it fixed sooner rather than later because the plate is "hanging out" a little, and sooner or later I'm going to accidently rip it off and do a lot of damage to the body.

What's the best way of securing the plate properly?

1. Some kind of filler and then re-thread with the same screw (what filler, if such a thing existing in the Australian market?)
2. Use a bigger screw (would rather not)

The guitar in question is an Ibanez GRG170DX - Basswood body.
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Whenever something around the house gets stripped, I use match sticks, works fine. You could even put a little elmers wood glue on them to reinforce the bond.
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Hmm.. is there anything strong enough to use so that I don't have to cram matchsticks into the body.. I know it probably works, but it just sounds so dodgy!
Mix up some wood glue with sawdust?

Worked for a mate's dodgy strap pin pretty darn well. Solid as a rock.
Yeah, well that's the other thing. The screw hole is pretty damn small, i.e. 2mm in diameter. I think a toothpick or matchstick would barely fit in there!
The toothpick/matchstick suggestion is valid. If the hole is very small then split the matchstick into thinner strips, but it does work.

I'd avoid using wood glue or any concoction with woodglue for something like this. It'll work but it could mean that the screw will become too tight or even get glued into place and will mean a possibility of shearing the screw head next time you need to remove it.
Awesome, I just cut the end off a tapered-end toothpick. Worked well - Cheers
I did the matchstick thing to my Ibanez bass' straplocks - twice already. They always loosen over time and I pretty much hate it, I'll have to retighten them again one of these days.
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An alternative would be to just use a different screw that's one size bigger.

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For stripped holes I always fill it with wood glue, then tap a few toothpicks in. The tighter the fit, the more dense the fill will be, making it much more durable.

Maxwolfie, My father is a woodworker. He makes furniture and this is what he does with all of his holes in need of repair. It sounds dodgy, but its the best thing you can do 2nd to getting an all new piece of wood, which in the case of guitars, isn't so easy.
A "heli-coil" should work fine and they come in all sizes...You "tap" out the "hole" and screw in the "heli-coil" with a little lock tite...Dont make a mess with the lock tite !!! In fact practice once on some piece of crap wood, not your guitar ... this will get you fixed up
Well when i get striped screw holes, i always just jam as much toothpicks in the hole as i can and then just srew in. It has not pailed me yet, and i had some intense forces on that strap buttons.
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