Hey guys I'm new to UG and I got a new hard rock metal solo I've been working on for a while in my profile. Tell me what ya think
I liked a few parts of it, but i would just try to change up the phrasing a bit more 'cos i liked the note selection but it just got a bit monotonous hearing its all palying similarily. One of your runs was played at about 3 different points and would have sounded better if your played a different run instead. So yeah imo it would be much more interesting if you just spiced up your phrases 'cos your playing was pretty clean most of the way through.
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Hey thanks for listening. I agree, now that I've listened to it again, that a couple of my runs in this are too similar. I suppose I'll play around and mix it up a little bit. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it.
It was decent, nothing extraordinary but it was good. I liked the melody line, some of the shredding was good; a few times it sounded like you went out of key or missed a note though. Ultimately it has the makings of a really decent solo if you rearrange some parts.
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