I've finally settled on the pickups I want to use for my soon-to-happen Jagmaster mod project.

I'm going to use GuitarFetish components all around: an HB-sized Alnico P90 pickup in the neck and one of the new (VEH) 11.2K zebra humbuckers in the bridge. I'll go for a Gibson BFG-type configuration, but with a push/pull coil tap for the humbucker. I'm also getting two 500K volume & tone pots, a new 3-way switch, and a new jack.

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I have the trem blocked with a piece of hardwood, but I'd really like to cut something to fit the trem cavity and get rid of the springs altogether. I'd like to replace the bridge, but I can't find anyone who carries 9.5" radius TOM-style bridges or wrap-around bridges. New eye candy will be a couple of black Fender Jazz Bass knobs like the ones on my Tiny Terror.

Here's what I have to work with, although in the 2+ years since I bought it, my Jag's white pickguard had aged to a very light yellow.

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