10 Delay Types:

* Digital
* Analog
* Variable Speed Tape
* Moving Head Tape
* Dynamic (ducking) Digital
* Dynamic (ducking) Analog
* Dynamic (ducking) Tape
* Time Warp (wide delay time modulation)
* Reverse
* Envelope (chopping delay)
* 20 Second looper
* Unique Strum Tempo lets you create delay “rhythms”
* 100 Intelligent Harmonies on delays creating new delay tones
* Full-time tone control on delay
* Multiplier to change from ♪, ♫, etc.
* Tap Tempo
* 4 Memory settings
* BPM or Millisecond delay read out


Vocalist VL3D desktop


* 3-Part Harmonies using DigiTech’s exclusive MusIQ Technology which analyzes the singer’s voice and adds the most musically correct harmonies.
* Real-Time Pitch Correction
* Gender Control for both Male and/or Female backing harmonies.
* Harmony Mix Control and A/B Part Selector
* Single Level Progammability
* 5 User Defined Voicing Patches
* Built-In Guitar Tuner with LED Display
* 3 Types of Reverb… Studio, Room, and Hall
* Pre-Effects including Warmth, Compression, De-Esser, and Noise Gate
* MIDI In, Out/Thru
* ¼" Guitar and Line Level Input XLR Input


Also now have the RP55, RP 155, RP 255, RP 355
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The Time Bender looks nice. I'd probably get it since i use delay a lot but i already have most of those options on my X3 Live and i have the JamMan Looper.

Still.... so sexy!!!

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Time Bender looks like it's going right up against the DL4/Nova Delay etc. Awesome.

it looks just like the dd-20!