very amazing but very pain in the ass wood to use. Its a very oily wood meaning that its gonna gum up your blade when cutting, and if not properly sealed oils can bleed (I assume you are going natural) into one another.

The plus to this wood is that its looks awesome and ages really good. usually orange to a deep natural brown. As far as tone if I had to make a reference, I would say that it has properties similar to mahogany but slightly smoother.
Padauk is a medium density rosewood and it sounds like a medium density rosewood. The stuff I used was very similar to EI Rosewood. It was about as hard, had about the same amount of oil, and sounded about the same. I wouldn't compare it to mahogany at all. It doesn't have the high end sparkle that the more dense rosewoods have but if you get an exceptionally dance piece it can give them a run for their money. It does have the same full "rosewood" lows that your EIR has.

Of course rosewood varies greatly from one piece to the next simply because the oil content has such a huge effect on tone and can be so different from one tree to the next, but generally speaking, that was my experience with it.
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I think I read some where that it either chips or tears out easily, cant remember

it will go to a mud brown over time, so if going natural you might wanner look into UV protecting finishes to preserve the nice colour.

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