Ok - So I gotta retune the thing every day. It's my first guitar, so I'm not sure if this is normal. I've been told that because I have a (semi) floating bridge (tremolo), I will need to tune it more often. If this is the sole problem, would it be worth looking into getting the bridge fixed (if this is at all possible). I've never used the tremolo - the bar is still in it's packet. However, I'm not sure if I'll need it in the future.
block the tremolo.... I don't know how to do that personally (since I've never had to so far) but I'm sure someone will come along who knows
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everyday is fine, especially for a guitar so cheap
my friends $1500 sg special wuld go outta tune about every 20 mins

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actually, just avoid using the tremolo. i have the same guitar (my first as well, in a bit of an odd condition though), and ive heard from others a similar problem, so i suppose the problem does lie with the floating tremolo of the 170DX. every time i use it, it starts to go off tune slightly, but i find that as long as i dont play with it too much for too long, the tuning is fine for a few days, sometimes weeks.
If i use the whammy bar it goes out of tune within mins

But i don't bother using whammy bar it's annoying and gets in the way

I normally have to tune mine every 1-3 days depending on how much i play it etc

But i can play for 1-2 hours and it's still very close to what it was, might be out of tune slightly but not really enough to notice

EDIT: Crap that was a necro post didn't notice the date >_<
My also goes out of tune slightly with temp fluctuations, but when I put in the third spring, using the trem stopped detuning it so bad, so it just goes a only a few cents up or down even with heavy abuse.
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Yeah its mainly the trem, though whenever i do a lot of bends I get the same problem, new tuners could fix it, i just need to buy em
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